The best selling Ingrids are a unique design not found elsewhere on the market.  These fingerless gloves are great when working on manual things in cold weather or even making phone calls and texting without having to take your gloves off. Also recommended by dog walkers and people who have Reynolds syndrome (fingers going white in the cold!)  If you are allergic to wool – order a pair in silk or cotton.


Popular people of all ages!

Yours for £30 a pair.



The Bereeney, a cross between the beret and the beeney hat, have a cotton band to avoid that annoying itch on your forehead but still keeps your head warm.   Available in white or grey or brown with three colourways.

The Bereeney costs £35.

You can buy a pair of Ingrids and a Bereeney together for the discounted cost of £60.






Buy a fashionable, white, grey or brown pleated scarf at a cost of £40 or buy the matching grey Bereeney, Ingrids and Scarf for £95.


Fair Isle Jackets

Blue Faced Marble Marsham 100% British wool Fair Isle Jackets. Modelled with Azul stonewear and silver necklace.

Jackets £500

Azul Necklace – £30