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Ingrid Walker’s Story

My passion for creativity, art and design is now expressing itself through my knitwear company, a social enterprise designed to make and sell artisan products and provide a meaningful occupation for people with mental health challenges.

Having been through difficult and very challenging years in and out of Mental Health hospital I realized there was a gap in society for people like myself who needed a mindful employer and a solid direction, a well trodden path back into society.  A route to success in health and work by learning from those with experience.

I qualified in Textile design specialising in Knit at Winchester School of Art.  And then after a wobble in my mental health I wanted to learn more about my condition and studied Mental Health Nursing at Southampton and completed an advanced diploma in nursing mental health.  Since then I have only grown in knowledge regarding mental wellbeing and feel like I have a great deal to offer other people that have been patients.  When a Social Enterprise profits society profits.

I design and make knitwear and accessories using high quality British wool and cotton.  The accessories we sell are setting a trend for wearable designer/artisan products.

Ingrid’s range include scarves, ‘Bereeney’ Hats,  and ‘Ingrids’ (unique finger-less gloves) for men and women.